In this project, you’ll learn how to deploy virtual desktops using Amazon WorkSpaces and the AWS Directory Service. Amazon WorkSpaces is a fully managed, secure desktop computing service which runs on the AWS cloud.


Step 1. Login to your AWS Console


  1. If you don’t have AWS Account Create here
  2. Once you login to console go to search bar type WorkSpaces, or you can  go to console here

Step 2: Allocate an Elastic IP address


  1. For this, you need to go to EC2 Dashboard
  2. Find Elastic IPunder the Network & Security
  3. Now Choose Allocate Elastic IP Address, Choose your region, Select Amazon’s Pool of IPv4 address, and ( You can find the Below Image)
Creating Elastic IP in AWS

Step 3: Create the VPC and Subnets


For this step, you need 1 VPC, 1 Public, and 1 Private Subnet.

 1. Now Open Amazon Console and search VPC in the search bar.

 2. Under the VPC Section, you will. find Launch VPC Wizard.

 3. Now Select VPC with the Public and PrivateSubnets option and Click Select.

Now Enter some details here

 1. Choose your IPv4 CIDR Blockhere

 2. Set your VPC Name

 3. Set name for your Public & Private Subnets

 4. Go to Elastic IP Allocation ID, Click Drop-down You will find 1 Elastic IP (We previously created in our first step) select that Elastic IP Allocation ID (You can refer below Image)

 5. Now everything leaves as default.

 6. Click Create VPC. 

Step 3.1: Second Private Subnet


For this step, we need to create another Private subnet in the same VPC

 1. In this step go to VPC Dashboard, under the Subnets

 2. In the list of subnets choose Private subnet you will find the Availability Zone of this subnet (Make note this will be helpful in the next step)

 4. Now go back to Subnets, Choose to Create Subnet

 5. Select your VPC under the drop-down

 6. Enter Name of the subnet (Public Subnet 2)

 7. Choose Availability Zone, This step is very important you need to select different Availability Zone. in my case I created Private Subnet 1 in us-east-1f now I’m selected us-east-1b for Private Subnet 2.

 8. Click Create and close.

Step 4: Create an Amazon WorkSpaces
Directory in the Cloud


For this walkthrough, you create a Microsoft Active Directory using the Amazon Directory Service console.

 1. For this Go to Amazon Web Console and search for Directory Service

 2. Click Set up directory

 3. Select AWS Managed Microsoft AD type.

 4. select Edition is Standard Edition

 5. Directory DNS name = select your Domain name in my case I choose (

 6. Choose your Admin Password.

 7. Click Next

 8. In the next section Choose your VPC information

 9. Select your VPCPrivate Subnets.

 10. Click Review the directory information and make any necessary changes. Then,
choose Create directory.


Step 5: Launch WorkSpaces


Finally, we are at the final configuration settings. Once the directory is active, you can launch WorkSpaces through the AWS Management Console.

 1. Now Open WorkSpaces Consoleand choose Launch WorkSpaces.

 2. Select the Directorywhich we created in Step 4.

 3. Select the private subnetswe created earlier in step 3.

 4. Now choose to Create users

 5. Enter details like Username, First Name, Last Name, Email (You need to provide valid Email Address), you can create as many as you can.

 6. After created Users, now you need to select Bundle. This means you can choose your OS in this step. I’m going to select Standard with Windows 2010because testing purpose i am selecting this under Free tier eligible.

 7. In the next step choose the AutoStop (The AlwaysOn running mode is used for monthly billing and AutoStop for hourly billing.)

 8. Optionally you can choose Root volume and Tags

 9. Choose Next Step.

 10. And then choose Launch WorkSpaces. this process will take approximately 60 min to complete.

 11. Once it’s completed you will receive an email containing the registration code and instructions on how to connect.

 12. You can download the client here

12. Follow the link in the invitation email to complete your user profile, download the WorkSpaces Client, and connect to the WorkSpace.

Finally, you can see your virtual Cloud desktop on any device.


Provision Cloud Desktops using Amazon WorkSpaces, and access them using the Amazon WorkSpaces client application, available for Windows, Linux, and Mac computers; Chromebooks; iPads, Amazon Fire tablets, and Android tablets.

The AWS Directory Service makes it easy to setup and run Microsoft Active Directory in the AWS cloud, or connect your AWS resources with an existing on-premises Microsoft Active Directory.